How can I be referred?

If you are privately insured, check with your insurance company first that they will cover your treatment. Request an authorisation code as you will need to pass this on to our administrative team.

Mr Isaac also sees selected NHS patients at Mount Stuart Hospital. Please speak to your physiotherapist or GP for a referral or book via the via the NHS Choose & Book pathway.

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I have private insurance, will they cover me?

Private Health Insurance should cover most knee and hip procedures. However, before you book your surgery check this with your private health insurers.

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What is the process?

First of all you will have an initial consultation to establish your condition and the best surgery options for you. You will then be advised on a surgery date. Following surgery, you will need to attend a follow-up appointment(s).

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How long will I be in hospital?

This depends on your surgery, your state of health and how well you recover. Exact details of your hospital stay and recovery period will be discussed with you once we establish your condition what surgery is right for you.

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How do I book an appointment?

To see Mr Isaac for an initial consultation, please phone his secretary at Mount Stuart Hospital on 01803 321602 or fill out the contact form.

Suitable NHS patients can be seen by Mr Isaac at Mount Stuart Hospital. Please ask your physiotherapist or GP to refer you, or book via the NHS Choose & Book pathway.

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Do I need a general anaesthetic?

This depends on your surgery. Not all surgeries require a general anaesthetic, and we will talk you through all available options.

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How do I pay?

If you are privately insured, your invoice will be sent to your medical insurers. Please ensure you are covered and have an authorisation code for your surgical procedure. If you are visiting from overseas and wish to pay privately, you can pay by bank transfer, credit or debit card on receipt of an invoice.

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